Mutually Benefitting from Misaligned Goals


No visionary has a fully comprehensive description for what they think the future should look like, as there’s always some ambiguity in their goals. They also may not know the optimal set of steps to realize that vision. But if one wants to maximize the probability that one’s goals are realized, one ought to organize their efforts alongside other like-minded individuals.

The community mission

Since no statement can perfectly crystalize a mission, a community mission statement will attract people who have similar, but not identical visions. A mission statement that is overly broad is likely to attract people whose contributions reflect widely divergent goals. For example, consider a mission to simply, “protect human rights.” Such a broad vision could attract both those working to protect “the right to life” for the unborn, and those working to protect “the right to bodily autonomy” for pregnant women. The contributions of these diverse sub-goals would detract from each other. On the other hand, an esoteric mission statement is likely to only attract a small number of people, and the community will miss out on contributions that would otherwise realize mutual benefit.

Personal missions

Ultimately, regardless of a mission statement, the mission accomplished by a community is the collective result of the community individuals pursuing their own missions. Therefore, even while the community mission statement doesn’t change, the actual mission itself is constantly shifting based on the current membership and their perspectives at a given moment in time.

ƒractal DAO

Society is not familiar with forms of human organization that are decentralized and autonomous, and the validity of such a model for collaboration has yet to prove itself against the incumbent centralized models. ƒractally is one such experiment to determine whether DAOs can compete with traditional governance in its ability to organize effort toward the development of public goods and other long time-preference action.



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James Mart

James Mart


Science, Education, C++, DPOS, Fractal Democracy, the pursuit of truth. Decentralized consensus changes everything.